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Located in Butts County 40 miles south of Atlanta,|} Jackson is a progressive town in Georgia that is rich in culture and history. It abounds with historic houses and large city amenities but with a small town charm.

Away from the beautiful 4,750-acre Jackson Lake. It's a tree city, as shown by the current aerial photos of its historic downtown.

With just just 303 acres of land but afterwards grew at the onset of the 20th century when railroads started in town.

The city was named after James Jackson, a British-born Politician who served as member of the U.S. House of Representatives along with an elected U.S. senator and governor of Georgia.

Jackson offers a lot of chances to those who desire To relocate in the city or even people that are in the city for a short vacation.

For outdoor enthusiasts who love the seas, former Professional wakeboarders Brandon and Brett Lee are offering lessons on wakeboarding and wakesurfing by using their firm named Georgia Wakeboard Lessons.

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But If You're Uncomfortable with wakeboarding and Wakesurfing, you can choose to stroll in the 1,050-acre High Falls State Park situated northwest of Macon.

High Falls State Park, known for tumbling Cascades on the Towaliga River, features boat rental, boat ramps and fishing docks that provide simple access to the park lake, considered among Georgia's best fishing spots for hybrid and white bass.

At the park, you Can Opt to Remain in the spacious Campground or in the lakeside yurts with each yurt having a small deck, picnic table and grill plus furniture, electrical outlets and a ceiling fan.

The park also includes a swimming pool Where You Are Able to cool off Following a rise across the river and throughout the hilly forest.

High Falls State Park, which was listed in the Top 100 of America's Top Family Fishing & Boating Location, features a 650-acre lake, 6 yurts, 97 tents, trailer & RV campsites, a pioneer campground, a paddle-in here primitive rollercoaster that could accommodate up to 25 guests, a group refuge with 125 seats, 5 picnic shelters, a river pavilion to be used by campground guests, along with a playground.

In the playground, you can go fishing, fishing, geocaching, Hiking or swimming. Or if you want to rent boats, you can choose between jon boats, kayaks, canoes, stand-up paddleboards or aquacycles.

Your outdoor adventures would surely be fun if you choose To visit High Falls State Park in Jackson.

Jackson, GA

Jackson is a city in Butts County located 40 miles south Of Atlanta, just minutes away from Jackson Lake and Dauset Trails Nature Center.

Visitors would surely find something interesting to do in Jackson which they'll not ever forget because the town has lined up many special events all year round to provide fun and entertainment not only to tourists but to residents as well.

First Day Night Hike every January 1st in the High Falls State Park.

The Very First Day Night Hike is a unique night increase to the

After the short hike, the participants will then gather

Everyone is encouraged to join with the First Day Night Hike, Which is free but donations are accepted.

Each Year in May, the Jackson Council for the Arts holds the Fine Arts Festival at the lawn adjacent to Carmichael Insurance situated on the corner of East Third Street and Dempsey Avenue.

The Festival aims to celebrate the season of spring throughout artworks from the artists and for the artists.

Among the artists that regularly combine the Yearly festival Are Tadashi Torii, a glass blower from Waynesville, N.C.; Christina Glidden of Chattanooga, Tenn. whose jewelry has been popular for several years in the festival; along with local artists which include photographer Alan Jones, acrylic artist Fred Goodrum, watercolor artist Dale Hill, Kathrine Allen-Coleman and Scott Coleman, among others.

The Council also holds routine screens, art shows And musical concerts every year.

Another special event that all residents of Jackson City Look forward to each year is your Halloween on Second Street, among Butts County's longest-running and biggest Halloween events every October 31st.

For almost 20 Decades, Halloween on Second Street has given Sugar-seeking, costume-wearing kids a safe place to display their outfits and select up Halloween candy.

This year, the event will be held from 6:00 p.m. to Trick-or-treaters will begin lining up on the corner of Third and Mulberry streets nearby the Verizon Wireless store and will make their way north on Mulberry and up and down Second Street.

And who will miss the annual Christmas parade around the Town in December? Beautifully-decorated floats and residents in outfits will once again adorn big thoroughfares of town to celebrate the holiday season with a bang.

Even if you are in Jackson City only for a Brief trip, You would surely enjoy not just the sights and sounds of town but also the Hospitality of the people who are more than pleased to tour you around.

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